Joe Ossanna

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Joe OssannaName: Joseph F. Ossanna

Born: December 10, 1928, Detroit, Michigan, USA

Death: November 28, 1977 (Age: 48)

Computer-related contributions

  • Electrical engineer and computer programmer.
  • Known for his work with the Unix operating system and software applications at Bell Telephone Laboratories.
  • Participated with the software design of Multics (Multiplexed Information and Computing Service).

Significant publications

  • Troff user's manual, UNIX Vol. II (1990).
  • Document preparation, in UNIX:3E system readings and applications. Volume I: UNIX:3E time-sharing system (1986).
  • The current state of minicomputer software (1972).
  • Identifying terminals in terminal-oriented systems (1971).
  • Technical and human engineering problems in connecting terminals to a time-sharing system (1970).

Honors and awards

  • Member of the Association for Computing Machinery, Sigma Xi, and Tau Beta Pi.