Mark Pinsker

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Mark PinskerName: Mark S. Pinsker

Born: April 24, 1925

Death: December 23, 2003 (Age: 78)

Computer related contributions

  • Russian mathematician who fields of study included information theory, probability theory, coding theory, ergodic theory, mathematical statistics, and communication networks.
  • Known for his classic paper on the entropy theory of dynamical systems which introduced the maximal partition with zero entropy, later known as Pinsker's partition.
  • Produced notable results in the theory of switching networks and complexity problems in coding theory.


  • Numbers, Information, and Complexity (2000)
  • Estimation of error-correction complexity of Gallager low-density codes (1976)
  • The complexity of an optimal non-blocking commutation scheme without reorganization (1973)
  • Theory of curves in Hilbert space with stationary increments of order (1955)

Honors and awards

  • IEEE Richard W. Hamming Medal (1996)
  • IEEE Claude E. Shannon Award (1978)