Robert Barton

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Robert BartonName: Robert (Bob) Stanley Barton

Born: February 13, 1925 in New Britain, Connecticut USA

Death: January 28, 2009 (Age: 83)

Computer related contributions

  • Known as the chief architect of the Burroughs B5000 and other computers such as the B1700.
  • Co-inventor of dataflow.


  • Ideas for Computer Systems Organization: A Personal Survey (1970)
  • A Critical Review of the State of Programming Art (1963)
  • A New Approach to the Functional Design of a Digital Computer (1961)
  • Functional Design of Computers (1961)

Honors and awards

  • First recipient of the ACM/IEEE Computer Society Eckert–Mauchly Award (1979)
  • IEEE Computer Pioneer Award (1979)
  • IEEE W. Wallace McDowell Award (1977)


"Systems programmers are the high priests of a low cult."