Computer history - 1961

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Major computer events in 1961

Integrated Circuit or IC

Fairchild Semiconductor introduced the first commercially available IC's (integrated circuits) in 1961.

Other computer events in 1961

Accredited Standards Committee was founded in 1961; this committee later became the INCITS.

New computer products and services introduced in 1961

The first IBM Selectric typewriter was released on July 27, 1961, and introduced the typeball.

Strike an ink ribbon on a typewriter that was first introduced with the IBM Selectric typewriter on July 27, 1961. In the picture is an example of a type ball used in a typewriter.

IBM introduced the 7030 Stretch supercomputer, one of the first 64-bit computers in 1961.

The programming language FORTRAN IV was created in 1961.

Computer companies founded in 1961

Bryant Computer Products was established in 1961.

ECMA was established in 1961.

Funai Electric Co., Ltd. was established in 1961.

Memorex was founded in 1961.

Computer pioneers born in 1961

Ed Colligan

Ed Colligan was born on March 4, 1961.

Michael Lazaridis was born on March 14, 1961.

Peter Diamandis was born on May 20, 1961.

Mark Tebbe was born on July 1, 1961.

Werner Koch was born on July 11, 1961.

Michael Hawley was born on November 18, 1961.

Safra Catz was born on December 1, 1961.

Brendan Eich was born in 1961.

Jack Tretton was born in 1961.

Ken Goldberg was born in 1961.

Computer pioneer deaths in 1961

Lee Forest

Lee Forest passed away on June 30, 1961 (Age: 87).

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