Robin Milner

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Robin MilnerName: Robin Milner

Born: January 13, 1934 in Yealmpton, Plymouth, England

Death: March 20, 2010 (Age: 76)

Computer related contributions

  • Prominent British computer scientist.
  • Developed LCF, one of the first tools for automated theorem proving.
  • Developed a theoretical framework for analyzing concurrent systems, the calculus of communicating systems (CCS), and its successor, the pi-calculus.
  • The language he developed for LCF, ML, was the first language with polymorphic type inference and type-safe exception handling.


  • The Space and Motion of Communicating Agents (2009)
  • Communicating and Mobile Systems: the Pi-Calculus (1999)
  • Commentary on Standard ML (1997)
  • Communication and Concurrency (1989)
  • A Calculus of Communicating Systems (1980)

Honors and awards

  • Elected a Foreign Associate of the National Academy of Engineering (2008)
  • Royal Society of Edinburgh Award (2004)
  • Inducted as a Fellow of the ACM (1994)
  • ACM Turing Award (1991)