Tim Paterson

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Tim Paterson

Name: Tim Paterson

Born: June 1, 1956

Computer-related contributions

  • Software engineer at SCP (Seattle Computer Products) (1978-1981).
  • While at SCP, he designed and authored 86-DOS, an operating system for the 8086 computer kit developed by Intel.
  • Left SCP in 1981 to work for Microsoft. Microsoft licensed 86-DOS, ported it to the IBM PC, and re-branded it as PC-DOS.
  • Paterson departed Microsoft in 1982, returning briefly to SCP. He then founded his own company, Falcon Technology (also known as Falcon Systems), in 1983.
  • He sold Falcon Technology, and full rights to 86-DOS, to Microsoft in 1986. Microsoft re-branded the operating system as MS-DOS, which became the dominant operating system of the 1980s.


"Life begins with a disk drive."

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