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A PC may refer to any of the following:

Dell desktop computer

1. Alternatively, a desktop and single-user computer, PC, is short for personal computer (also computer) and is a term coined by Ed Roberts when he introduced the MITS Altair 8800. PC is used in the computer industry to describe an IBM or IBM-compatible computer, even though the term PC can refer to any personal computer, including an Apple computer. The picture shows the Dell Precision 390 computer courtesy of Dell Inc. and an example of a desktop PC.


See our computer term page for full information about all types of computers.

2. An abbreviation used for percent, per cent, or percentage. See our percent definition for further information on this term.

3. A PC (player character) is another real person in a game. See our player term for further information. In a game, anyone who's not a PC is an NPC (non-player character).

4. This PC is the renamed version of My Computer in Windows 8, Windows 10, and Windows 11.

5. PC is an abbreviation for pica.

6. Some may say a "PC" is short for "pain and confusion" after finding it difficult to use a computer.

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