Tabbed browsing tips

Updated: 05/01/2023 by Computer Hope
tabbed browsing tips

With the introduction of Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 all major browsers now support tabbed browsing. Below are various tips to improve your browsing using tabs.

Open any link in a new tab

Clicking any link with your middle mouse button or wheel opens that link in a new tab. Alternatively, you can hold down Ctrl in IE and Firefox, and click a link to open that link in a new tab.

Closing tabs

Clicking an open tab with your middle mouse button closes that tab.

Open previous page in a new tab

Middle-click the back button to open a previous page in a new tab.

Open a new empty tab

Pressing Ctrl+T opens a new tab in all browsers.

Undo any closed tab

Pressing Ctrl+Shift+T re-opens the closed tab. Alternatively, right-clicking a portion of the tab bar also displays this option.


You can press Ctrl+Shift+T multiple times to re-open all last closed tabs.

Quickly switch between open tabs

Hold down Ctrl and press 1 through 9 on the keyboard to open that respective tab. For example, pressing Ctrl+2 would open the second tab in the browser.


You can also press Ctrl+Tab to switch between tabs left to right, or press Ctrl+Shift+Tab to switch between tabs right to left.

View tab options

Right-clicking the active tab gives you an option to close all other non-active tabs.