Alternatively referred to as space and the space key, the spacebar is a long horizontal key on the lower edge of a keyboard that is always the largest and longest key on the keyboard. When the spacebar key is pressed it creates an empty space, also known as a space character or whitespace that helps separate words and other characters in a sentences. For example, if there were not spaces in this paragraph all of the text would be together and be very difficult to read.

Tip: When the keyboard is positioned in front of you the spacebar should be in the center of your body.

Where is the spacebar on the keyboard?

Below is an overview of a computer keyboard with the spacebar highlighted in blue.


How to create a space using the spacebar

Pressing the spacebar once creates a single space where the text cursor is currently position. In the below practice you can add spaces to the text with no spaces by clicking with your mouse where you want to add the space and then pressing the spacebar key.

Practice adding space

Practice adding space to existing text:

Create new text with space

Why is the spacebar the biggest key on the keyboard?

The spacebar is the biggest key on the keyboard because both thumbs should be resting on the spacebar.

How many spaces are in a tab?

A tab typically has five spaces.

File names with spaces

Although all operating systems today support spaces in file names, a command line you may encounter errors because the command line doesn't know where the file name starts and ends. To prevent errors with file names with spaces surround the file name with quotes.

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