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Question: How many bytes are on a 650 MiB CD?

Note: Verify the capitalization on "MiB." Using a lowercase "b" is a Mebibit (Mib) and an uppercase "B" is a Mebibyte (MiB).

There are 681,574,400 bytes in 650 mebibytes

For every one Mebibyte (MiB) there are 1,048,576 Bytes (B), so there are 681,574,400 Bytes (B) in 650 Mebibyte (MiB).

Note: In the past computers only used base 2 (binary) for file sizes. However, in December of 1998, the IEC introduced a new system that uses the metric system, so sizes that use prefixes like 'kilo' are equal to 1,000 and not 1,024.

There are 650,000,000 bytes in 650 megabytes

For every one Megabyte (MB) there are 1,000,000 Bytes (B), so there are 650,000,000 Bytes (B) in 650 Megabyte (MB).

Relative Sizes

With a total of 681,574,400 bytes it is relative to the values shown below.

  • 681,574,400 Characters (8-bit character)
  • 136,314,880 Words (five character words)
  • 141,876.44 Pages (full single-spaced plaintext page)
  • 51,031.33 Word Documents (full single-spaced Microsoft Word file)
  • 467.58 Floppy Disks (1.44 formatted floppy disk)
  • 216.67 Photos (3MiB photo)
  • 162.5 eBooks (4MiB eBook)
  • 108.33 MP3s (6MiB MP3 song)
  • 43.33 Videos (15MiB video clip)
  • 1 CD (74 minute 650MiB CD)

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