Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold

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Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold overview

Blake Stone: Aliens of GoldType: Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date: 12/3/1993
Developer: JAM Productions
Publisher: Apogee Software

In Blake Stone: Aliens of Gold, you face the evil Dr. Pyrus Goldfire who has discovered a method of creating his own gold. Using his gold, he has been able to fund his crazy plan and has built six highly secured facilities. You are sent to stop Dr. Pyrus Goldfire and his evil plans.

Blake Stone is a classic Action game with smooth graphics and new original weapons and different creatures. If you are a fan of the classic game Wolfenstein 3D, we highly recommend that you get this game.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0
Processor: Intel 386SX 20 MHz
Memory: 2 MB RAM
Graphics Card: VGA graphics, 256-colors capable
Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 8 MB
CD/DVD Drive: 3.5" Floppy disk drive
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Joystick/Gamepad optional
Multiplayer: n/a


  • J+A+M - Should say: "Now you're Jamming" and should give you all keys, 100% health however score will drop to 0%.

The next four cheats are command line meaning you need to type at dos prompt when running game.

  • POWERBALL - Once this command is entered, wait until the white characters start to appear. Hold the left & right Shift keys down, and once the PC-13 has appeared on the screen, you may let go. Then, if you have the sound card enabled, you should hear a "change".
  • TICS - Displays tic information in the score area.
  • MUSIC - Enables music test mode, where you can hold backspace and press arrows to change the music.
  • RADAR - Displays rotating overhead during game play, but it extremely slows the game down.

Once you have done the POWERBALL command line shown above you may do the following:

  • Backspace+W - Warp to level (Shift+ loads the default map)
  • Backspace+D - Player invisible (dumb objects)
  • Backspace+G - God mode
  • Backspace+I - Item cheat
  • Backspace+M - Memory info
  • Backspace+P - Pause screen
  • Backspace+Q - Fast quit
  • Backspace+A - Add Actors to auto mapper.
  • Backspace+U - Unlock all floors
  • Backspace+O - Show hidden walls on auto mapper
  • Backspace+E - Quick Win Mission
  • Backspace+B - Border color
  • Backspace+C - Count objects
  • Backspace+F - Facing spot
  • Backspace+H - Hurt self (only if not in God mode)
  • Backspace+S - Slow motion
  • Backspace+V - Extra Vertical Blanking Signal -- this does nothing for most users
  • Backspace+home - Dec sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+pgup - Inc sky color (if ceiling textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+end - Dec ground color (if ground textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+pgdn - Inc ground color (if ground textures are OFF)
  • Backspace++ - Add shading depth (if textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+- - Dec shading depth (if textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+] - Inc shading drop off (if textures are OFF)
  • Backspace+[ - Dec shading drop off (if textures are OFF)
  • Shift+tab - Show full automap containing all live actors.

Below are various command line codes.

  • VERSION - Display version information.
  • SYSTEM - Display system information.
  • HIDDENCARD - Disable checking for video card.
  • NOJOYS - Disable checking for joysticks.
  • NOMOUSE - Disable checking for mouse.
  • NOMAIN - Disable checking for main memory.
  • NOEMS - Disable checking for EMS memory.
  • NORMS - Disable checking for XMS memory.
  • NOAL - Disable checking for Adlib.
  • NOSB - Disable checking for Sound Blaster.
  • NOPRO - Disable checking for Sound Blaster Pro.
  • NOSS - Disable checking for Sound Source.
  • SST - Disable checking for Tandy Sound Source.
  • SS1 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT1.
  • SS2 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT2.
  • SS3 - Disable checking for Sound Source on LPT3.
  • NO386 - Disable checking for 386.
  • ENABLEGP - Enables NoteBook game port checking. (If you are using an Acer Computer, it is recommended that this command not be run).


Blake Stone screenshot1 Blake Stone screenshot2
Blake Stone screenshot3 Blake Stone screenshot4

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