How do I play my game over the Internet?

Updated: 01/05/2018 by Computer Hope

Note: This article is for users who purchased a game and is looking to connect to other players playing the same games over the Internet, not about online Internet games.

Before playing a game over the Internet you must first determine its capabilities. Below are a few questions you should determine before trying to play your game over the Internet.

Does the game support multiplayer?

Unless the game supports multiplayer ability, you cannot play a game with other users over the Internet. The game must support modem or network support.

If the game does not support multiplayer you cannot play that game over the Internet.

What multiplayer support does it have?

Games that support multiplayer will support direct multiplayer (connected by dialing into another computer), LAN or network multiplayer (computer connected on a network), or Internet network multiplayer.

Modem (direct connect)

Network (LAN)


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