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MDK overview

MDKType: Action
ESRB Rating: Teen
Release Date: 1997
Developer: Shiny
Publisher: Interplay Entertainment, Playmates Interactive Entertainment

The name often conjures up thoughts of relaxation. Languid days of quiet repose in the country, drowsed by the intoxicating aroma of flowers, while the ambling water slowly lulls you to sleep.

Well, no more my friend, "energy streams", now a phenomena, span the inky blackness of space. Close enough to tease Earth to harness and embrace this free energy source. Soon, pollution is but a distant memory.

Just streams of energy? - Maybe not - They are electrical discharge paths, spanning the Universe like an inter-galactic freeway, traveled at near infinite speeds by pure evil beings known as 'Stream Riders."

Soon like a tide of evil, they arrive too fast to be counted, as they take the off-ramp from hell. Eight giant moving cities crawl out of this chaos, wreaking more havoc as many Earth cities are inadvertently crushed by these great hulking monstrosities. The people of Earth go into hiding.

But little do they know there is still a chance. Five years earlier, inventor extraordinary, Dr. Fluke Hawkins, rocketed off on his five day mission to study the Plain Effect of "flange orbits." He was never heard from again. After the first year his two companions, Max, an over zealous, genetically engineered dog; and Kurt, the Doctor's young protg, started to suspect something was wrong.

The goings on below don't go unspotted by Max, ever on the lookout for anything that might threaten his dear Kurt. Filled with a terror he has never known, he rushes to tell the Doctor, who as usual, is busy working on another new invention.

The Doctor, often in a trance-like state when deep in the whirlwind of invention, is oblivious to the goings on around him. He finally snaps out of it and they rush to the monitors where they find their worst nightmare come true: some unimaginable aliens who can transform themselves into pure energy have invaded the planet through the Stream and are hell-bent on taking over.

Oh Boy! The Doctor turns to Max, "O.K. Max, I want you too." Before another word is said, off speeds Max eager to do the Doctor's bidding, except for the fact that no "bidding" has been given yet -- one of Max's little problems! Giving up on any hope of chasing down Max, the Doctor grabs Kurt and they head for the Invention Room. The Doctor opens the door to reveal inventions of all shapes and sizes, but no time to browse, they need to act fast if they're going to put a stop to this worldwide threat. Ah, here it is! A suit designed to repel bullets -- just the outfit Kurt needs to take on sentries! And there's more where that came from: the "Worlds Most Interesting Bomb", "Anti-Radar Spray Paint", "The Worlds Smallest Nuclear Explosion", and who could ever overlook "The Human Mortar." The Doctor can't hide his excitement - now is his chance to test all his inventions created while orbiting, and Kurt is the perfect guinea pig! With an unerring confidence, and slight hint of insanity, the Doctor urges Kurt to attempt a mission.

MDK is the game that Shiny calls Max, Dr. Fluke Hawkins & Kurt. However, the industry has already started calling it Murder Death Kill.

System Requirements: Microsoft Windows - Apple - Linux

Windows System Requirements
Operating System: MS-DOS 5.0Windows 95
Processor: Intel Pentium 90 MHz
Memory: 16MB RAM
Graphics Card: SVGA graphics with 256-color or higher resolution
DirectX: DirectX 3.0
Sound Card: Sound Blaster compatible sound card
Hard Drive Space: 17 MB
Controls: Keyboard & Mouse
Multiplayer: n/a

Keyboard Commands

  • Up arrow - Allows Kurt to jog in the direction that he is facing; also allows you to go faster down shoots, or move up while in sniper mode.
  • Down arrow - Allows Kurt to stop or jog opposite direction that he is facing or slow him down while going down the shoots, or moves down while in sniper mode.
  • Right arrow - Allows Kurt to jog to the right of the direction that he is facing, or moves right while in sniper mode.
  • Left arrow - Allows Kurt to jog to the left of the direction that he is facing, or moves left while in sniper mode.
  • X - While using with the left and right mouse button allows Kurt to sidestep/stride.
  • Alt - Makes Kurt jump, if you press and hold opens parachute until ground impact.
  • Space - Enter or Exit out of sniper mode.
  • Ctrl - Fires weapon, also used to fire in sniper mode.
  • Shift - Makes Kurt Run instead of jog.
  • Caps lock - Turbo speed toggle.
  • A/Z - Look up or down, or while in sniper mode zoom in or out.
  • 0-9 - Select particular pickup, or change weapon in sniper mode.
  • Enter - Uses the item that is picked up and selected.
  • Esc - Quit / Aborts.
  • F1 - Brings up help screen listing these commands.
  • F2 - Saves the game.
  • F3 - Loads the game.
  • F10 - Quits / Aborts.
  • F11 - Change the brightness.
  • F12 - Option screen.


MDK screenshot MDK space
MDK flying MDK tunnel


To use these codes, hit the F1 key to get to the help screen first. Most of these codes can only be used once per level.

Codes for ALL of the Patches:

  • ineedabiggun = Super Chain Gun powerup (once per level)
  • holokurtisfun = Dummy powerup (once per level)
  • nastyshotthanks = Homing sniper grenade (once per level)
  • tornadoaway = Twister powerup (once per level)
  • 486ok= Allow 486 machines to run

For Un-patched final North American executable

  • makemefull = Health (once per level)
  • masterblaster = Gatt powerup (once per level)
  • twistandshout = Twister powerup (once per level)
  • biggrenade = Homing sniper grenade (once per level)
  • 486willbeslow = Allow 486 machines to run

For European Version
(Should work for No Blood German versions as well):

  • healme = Health (once per level)
  • ineedabiggun = Gatt powerup (once per level)
  • tornadoaway = Twister powerup (once per level)
  • holokurtisfun = Dummy powerup (once per level)
  • 486okbyme = Allow 486 machines to run

To use this code, just type it in after the drop from space on the first level:

  • SHOWMOVIEMDKBZK = Play hidden movie

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