What hardware do you recommend or what is the best?

Updated: 04/26/2017 by Computer Hope

Canon printerComputer Hope does not give recommendations for any hardware or software product or any service. We have experienced both bad and good from almost every hardware and software product and have no way of purchasing and owning every make and model of every product ever made. If you are looking for recommendations, or reviews about a particular product, we suggest you try one of the below suggestions.

  1. Ask the Computer Hope forum users what they recommend or if anyone has had good or bad experiences with a particular product.
  2. Visit Newegg or other popular online computer stores that not only sells computer products allows its visitors to make reviews and ratings on the products. Sites like Newegg also allow you to sort the results in highest rated.
  3. Visit one or all of the web pages dedicated to reviewing computer products.
  4. Search and read the reviews for the products you are interested in buying.
  5. Do not only rely off of someone's opinion who has never used the product even if they have had a bad experience with another product the same company has made.

It is always a good idea to get recommendations and feedback about products from multiple sources. In a perfect world it would be a good idea to do each of the above recommendations before making your purchase.

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