Computer printer help and support

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Reference Questions
Printer Printer dictionary definition and picture.
Printers All dictionary definitions relating to computer printers.
Parallel Parallel port help and support.
USB USB help and support.
Buying Additional information and buying tips with purchasing a printer.
Drivers Printer drivers, software, and manufacturer listing.
Contacts Contact information for printer manufacturers.
CH000030 Where can I find Canon Printers web page?
CH000042 How to change the LPT port within CMOS.
CH000084 Replaced Ink cartridges and now my printer is not working.
CH000086 Where can I get drivers or software for my printer?
CH000087 Determining printer hardware or software issue.
CH000199 Printing DOS output to printer.
CH000248 General printer troubleshooting.
CH000249 Windows 3.x printer troubleshooting.
CH000250 Setting up or installing a computer printer.
CH000251 Setup the printer as default in Windows.
CH000252 Windows NT 4.0 printer troubleshooting.
CH000271 How to install a new Port in Windows.
CH000373 Spool 32 printer error.
CH000501 How do I find what computer printer I have?
CH000677 Can I get my USB printer to work on the parallel port?
CH000678 Can I get my parallel printer to work on USB?
CH000710 How can I share a printer between multiple computers?
CH000772 How do I print a listing of files in a directory?
CH000902 How do I print a document, picture, or another file?
CH000904 How to connect to a network printer in Windows.
CH000938 Printer printing smudged copies, lines, or distorted text or images.
CH000980 How to fix a printer paper jam.
CH001066 I lost my printer installation disk, how can I install my printer?
CH001070 How to find a printer IP address.
CH001400 Inkjet vs. laser printer.
CH001472 How do I pause a print job?
CH001493 How to clean an Inkjet printer.
CH001602 How to print a web page.
CH001608 How to change my printer from Portrait to Landscape mode.
CH001658 How to save ink cartridge from clogging or drying up.
CH001661 What keyboard key can you press to print?
CH001727 How to cancel a print job in Windows.
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