Apple Pay

Updated: 05/04/2019 by Computer Hope
Apple Pay

Released in 2014, Apple Pay is a digital wallet service for iOS devices. The application allows users to securely store credit card or debit card information and access it using Touch ID or Face ID. The app features various methods for making purchases, including NFC (near-field communication) support for in-store purchases, a pop-up menu for in-app purchases, and the option to pay people using iMessage.

How to add credit cards to Apple Pay

Apple Pay can be accessed in the Wallet app on your phone. Within Wallet, you can add credit cards.

How to quickly access Apple Pay

Access Apple Pay with Touch ID

To pay on an iPhone or iPad with Touch ID, press the home button twice quickly on the lock screen and hold the phone near the payment terminal. If Touch ID verification is required for payments, your finger needs to remain on the button.

Access Apple Pay with Face ID

To use your default payment method on Apple Pay with an iPhone or iPad with Face ID, press the side button twice quickly and then glance at your phone for verification. Once verified, hold the phone near the payment terminal.

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