Samsung Pay

Updated: 03/06/2020 by Computer Hope
Samsung Pay logo

Originally released on September 28, 2015, Samsung Pay is a payment app created for use with Samsung smartphones and Samsung gear wearables. It allows users to add funds, and credit/debit cards, to a digital wallet they can use to make purchases through various means, including tap-to-pay and online stores. Samsung Pay also offers its users rewards for making purchases.

Unlike Google Pay and Apple Pay, Samsung Pay also utilizes MST (magnetic secure transmission), which may be used in place of a swiped credit card, but not those which require a chip reader.

How do I use the tap-to-pay feature for Samsung Pay?

Tap-to-pay is a feature that uses NFC (near-field communication) to allow smartphone users to purchase goods and services. Once you've added a payment source, hold your device near the payment terminal. If it is required, you can authenticate using your fingerprint, your eyes (via iris), or by entering a PIN (personal identification number).

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