Updated: 12/20/2017 by Computer Hope

memory bankWhen referring to memory, a memory bank or bank is the smallest amount of memory that can be addressed by the processor at one time. Below are the common configurations and explanations of banks relating to each of the major computer memory types.

  • DIMM or RIMM memory modules can be installed individually, in a single slot. Therefore, one DIMM or RIMM memory module is a bank.
  • When installing a SIMM in a Pentium computer, because the processor is a 64-bit processor and 72-Pin SIMMs are 32-bit, two SIMMs (2x32=64) are considered a bank. If upgrading to 64 MB of memory install two 32 MB SIMMs.
  • When installing memory on a computer with a 80486 processor, because the 486 is a 32-bit processor and a 30-PIN SIMM is 8-bits, four SIMMs (8x4=32) are considered a bank. If upgrading to 64 MB, install four 16 MB SIMMs. Keep in mind that any memory currently installed in the computer would need to be removed and there would need to be four available slots.

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