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CC may refer to any of the following:

1. Short for Carbon Copy, CC is used to share copies of e-mail with others who may be interested or may need to know about the e-mail, but the e-mail is not directed to those individuals. For example, it is not uncommon for an employee who is sending an important message to other employees to also CC their manager or boss to help keep them up-to-date.

Writing an e-mail message

For anyone not familiar with the term "Carbon Copy," this term is derived from carbon paper that allows you to make a copy of another piece of paper. For example, if you have ever written a check the piece of paper behind the check is a carbon copy of the check that makes a duplicate copy of the check.

What should I put in an e-mail CC field?

Unless you plan on sending a carbon copy of the e-mail to someone else the CC field can be left blank.

2. When referring to the mouse or mouse cursor, CC is short for Cursor Control. Cursor Control describes the ability to move the cursor using the arrow keys.

3. When referring to a Linux and Unix command, cc is a C compiler command. Additional information about the cc command is on our Linux and Unix cc command overview.

4. Abbreviation for Creative Commons.

5. With a shortcut, C-c refers to the Ctrl+C shortcut key.

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