HTML <td> tag

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HTML td tag

When writing in HTML (hypertext markup language), the <td> tag designates a cell (table data) within a table containing data. The information contained in this element is left-aligned by default. The following sections contain information about the <td> tag, including an example of it in use, and related attributes and browser compatibility.


More advanced tables may include the <caption>, <col>, <colgroup>, <tbody>, <tfoot>, or <thead> elements.

Example of <td> code

<table class="mtable2 tab">
<tr class="tcw">
<tr class="tcw">
<tr class="tcw"> <td>May</td>

Example result

Month Savings
March $200
April $300
May $250

We have added a few of our own classes to the table using CSS (cascading style sheets); this action allows us to improve its appearance.


All HTML tags support standard attributes that define the settings of an HTML element. In addition to the standard settings, the <td> tag has the following unique attributes.

Attribute Description
abbr Designates an abbreviated version of the content within a cell.
colspan Designates how man columns a cell should span.
headers Designates one or more cells that a certain cell has relation.
rowspan Designates how man rows a cell should span.
scope Designates a way to associate header cells and data cells in the same table.
sorted Designates the sorting direction of a column.

Deprecated attributes

In addition to the above attributes, the <td> tag had the following deprecated attributes.

Attribute Description
align Designates the alignment of content inside an element.
axis Used to categorize cells.
bgcolor Designates the background color of a cell.
char Aligns the content in a cell to a specific character.
charoff Sets the number of characters to offset the content from the character designated by the char attribute.
height Designates the height of a cell.
nowrap Designates that the content inside a cell should not wrap.
valign Alights the content in a cell vertically.
width Designates the width of a cell.


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