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Established in 2002, MLG, short for Major League Gaming, is a group that hosts various popular e-sports competitions. It comprises several leagues, each focusing on a different video game or series of video games. Major League Gaming Events are held in-person and are also streamed live on several streaming sites. Schedules for MLG events is found on the official website linked in the related information section below.

Like a traditional sports league, MLG leagues are made up of teams of skilled gamers. Members of these e-sports teams are often influencers who stream on Twitch and YouTube. Teams raise money through sponsorships, using certain brands of peripherals like headphones, keyboards, and mice. They also display sponsor logos on custom jerseys and clothing.

MLG was purchased by Activision Blizzard in 2016. All MLG leagues are currently based on games developed by this company. Since Activision Blizzard was acquired by Microsoft in 2022, MLG is now a subsidiary of Microsoft.

What games does MLG play?

As of March 2022, MLG game leagues include:

MLG as a slang term

Because of the popularity of the MLG organization, the acronym is used as a slang term among online gamers. When playing a game, people might use "MLG" as an adjective to describe a skillful accomplishment. Using MLG this way implies that the player is talented enough to succeed in a Major League Gaming competition.

For example, it was popular in the mid-2010s to perform trick-shots in first-person shooter video games. Actions like "360-no-scopes," where players jump, spin in a circle, and land a headshot on another player, were popular in games like Call of Duty. During the peak of MLG's popularity, videos of these moments would be compiled into videos with titles like "MLG trick-shot compilation" and uploaded to video sharing sites like YouTube.

This trend quickly became a meme in later years. People would satirize the chaotic editing techniques, music, sound effects, and 3-D animated intros frequently found in these videos.

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