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MSC may refer to any of the following:

1. With USB (Universal Serial Bus), USB MSC or MSC is short for mass storage class and is a USB protocol defined by the USB Implements Forum. This protocol allows a USB device to act as an external hard drive (mass storage) on any operating system with MSC support.


A USB MSC may also be called a UMS (Universal Mass Storage).

2. Short for mobile switching center, an MSC is the primary node responsible for routing voice calls, SMS (Short Message Service), and other phone services on a GSM (Global System for Mobile communication)/CDMA(Code Division Multiple Access).

3. Short for message sequence chart, MSC is an interaction diagram standard released on March 12, 1993, by the ITU (International Telecommunication Union). MSC provides a trace language for the specification and description of the communication between systems and their environment. For example, these charts show the behavior of telecommunication switching systems. The MSC is defined in ITU-T Z.120 and was last updated in February 2011.

4. Short for most significant character, MSC is the character furthest to the left of a string of characters.

5. When discussing a company, MSC was short for "MacNeal-Schwendler Corporation" and was a company founded in 1963 by Richard MacNeal and Robert Schwendler. The company was later renamed to MSC Software in 1999 and later acquired by Hexagon in 2017.

6. With early IBM IMS/VS, MSC (multiple systems coupling) was a feature that allowed geographically dispersed IMS/VS systems to communicate with each other.

7. Short for mass storage control, MSC was a portion of the IBM 3851 Mass Storage Facility that passed information to the accessor control and controlled the data and space on staging drives.

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