Computer training

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Reference Question
Computer Computer definition and breakdown of each of its major components.
Cables Types of computer cables and links to all related cable definitions.
Connections Computer connections definition and full listing of all computer related connections.
Certification Certification related definitions and pages.
Terms Listing of over 12,000 computer terms with definitions and related links.
History Complete Computer history and timeline.
Keys Listing and description of each keyboard key and symbols.
Q&A Questions and answers.
Quiz Computer Hope quiz.
Resources Understanding computer system resources.
Shortcuts A listing of computer keyboard shortcuts.
TIP141 Watch free online college related lectures.
CHADD Help with installing computer hardware.
CHSHELL Linux and Unix shell tutorial.
CHUSEDOS How to use the Windows command line (DOS).
STARTHTM Creating a website on the Internet.
CH000675 How do I create a computer program?
CH000764 What jobs are available in the computer industry?
CH000997 What does the inside of a computer look like?
CH001262 How can I learn more about computers?
CH001263 How does a computer work?
CH001517 What computer books would you recommend reading?
CH001688 How to use a computer.
CH001689 How to use a computer keyboard.
CH001693 How to use a computer mouse.
CH001694 How to run a computer software program
CH001695 How to save a document.
CH001796 Why should I learn about computers?