Updated: 09/12/2023 by Computer Hope
readme file

A README file is a text file (commonly readme.txt) containing information for the user about the program, utility, or game. README files often contain instructions, additional help, and details about patches or updates.


Information in a README file is often not included in the full documentation or manual for the software. It is a good idea to read both.


If the readme file does not contain a .txt file extension, the computer may not know how to open the file. Use Notepad or your text editor of choice to open the file.

Example of a readme.txt file

Below is a link to download an example of a readme.txt file. Note: Most browsers open a .txt file in the browser. To save the file to the computer, right-click the link below and choose the Save link as, Save target as, or Save linked content as option.

Download the readme.txt file

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