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readme fileA README file is a text file (commonly readme.txt) that contains information for the user about the software program, utility, or game. README files typically contain instructions and additional help as well as details about patches or updates.

Tip: Information contained within a README file is often not included in the full documentation or manual for the software, so it is a good idea to read both.

Note: If the readme file does not contain a .txt file extension, the computer may not know how to open the file. Use Notepad or your text editor of choice to open the file.

Example of a readme.txt file

Below is a link to download an example of a readme.txt file. Note: Most browsers will open a .txt file in the browser. If you want to save a txt file to a computer to open later or edit you can right-click on the link below and choose the Save link as, Save target as, or the Save linked content as option.

Download the readme.txt file

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