Software suite

Updated: 11/06/2021 by Computer Hope
Software suite

A software suite is a collection of two or more software titles or programs bundled and sold together. The programs may have correlative features and functionality, or they may be completely different, but share a similar theme.

Example of a software suite

An example of a software suite is Microsoft Office, as it bundles together multiple programs, including the following.

There are other software suites available. Examples are listed below.

While each program in a software suite differs in functionality, they are all usually considered productivity software.

Advantages of a software suite

A software suite provides several advantages for users, including the following.

  • Lower bundled cost compared to buying each program separately. Some software suites are even free to use, like the Google productivity and OpenOffice suites.
  • Developed by the same company, often providing synergy and compatibility of some features between the programs in the suite.
  • Similar user interface in each program, reducing the learning curve and improving familiarity.
  • More efficient acquisition process by installing all programs at once, instead of one at a time.
  • May include additional features or add-on programs not available for purchase separately.

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