Video call

Updated: 10/18/2022 by Computer Hope

A video call is a phone call using an Internet connection, sometimes called VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), that utilizes video to transmit a live picture of the person making the call. Video calls are made using a computer's webcam or other electronic hardware devices with a video-capable camera, like a smartphone, tablet, or video-capable phone system.

Video call on a computer

Additional software is often required. One such program is Skype, which allows video calls, and normal voice calls, using an Internet connection.

Video call on a smartphone

If they have the capacity, smartphones have built-in application for video calls that vary from brand to brand. For example, you can make a FaceTime call on Apple iPhones. However, others may be downloaded and installed via your smartphone's app store.

Video call on a tablet

Tablets require an application for making video calls. Again, Skype is an option, and other downloadable apps. Not all tablets include a built-in camera, so make sure your tablet has this feature before trying to make a video call.

Video call on a video phone

Phone systems with the built-in video call capability include a camera and the necessary programming to make video calls. The person receiving the call needs a similar phone system to view video and transmit a video back to the caller.

Can I do a video call without a camera?

Yes, all video conferencing solutions allow members to participate without being on video or having a video camera. However, if you're not using a camera you need a microphone if you plan on talking with others.

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