Laurie Hendren

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Laurie Hendren

Name: Laurie Hendren

Born: 1958, Peterborough, Ontario, Canada

Computer-related contributions

Significant publications

  • Efficiently implementing the copy semantics of MATLAB arrays in JavaScript (with Vincent Foley-Bourgon, 2016).
  • Velociraptor: an embedded compiler toolkit for numerical programs targeting CPUs and GPUs (with Rahul Garg, 2014).
  • AspectMatlab: An Aspect-Oriented Scientific Programming Language (with Toheed Aslam, Jesse Doherty, and Anton Dubrau, 2010).
  • A staged static program analysis to improve the performance of runtime monitoring (with Eric Bodden and Ondřej Lhoták, 2007).
  • Towards Dynamic Interprocedural Analysis in JVMs (with Feng Qian, 2004).
  • Run-time Evaluation of Opportunities for Object Inlining in Java (with Ondřej Lhoták, 2002).
  • Efficient Inference of Static Types for Java Bytecode (with Etienne Gagnon and Guillaume Marceau, 2000).
  • Soot: A Java Optimization Framework (with Raja Vallée-Rai, Vijay Sundaresan, Patrick Lam, Etienne Gagnon and Phong Co, 1999).
  • SableCC: an Object-Oriented Compiler Framework (with Etienne Gagnon, 1998).

Honors and awards

  • Fellow, Royal Society of Canada (2012).
  • Fellow, ACM (2009).
  • Leo Yaffe Award for Excellence in Teaching (2007).


  • "New research ideas should be developed along with software infrastructures to test those ideas."