What are the most important computer terms I should know?

Updated: 03/05/2023 by Computer Hope
Computer term and definition

There are thousands of abbreviations, terms, and words that are associated with computers, we should know, we currently have over 15,000 terms listed in our computer dictionary. However, trying to read every definition would take too much time and not all are going to be related to what you may be interested in learning. So, we've created the following table of the top 10 computer terms based on visitors to each page, grouped into each of the major computer categories.

Top Apple terms

Apple control, option, and command keys.

Top AI terms

A flow chart for an algorithm.

Top battery terms

Dell laptop battery

Top business terms

ViewSonic Projector

Top camera terms

Computer webcam

Top phone terms

SD Cards

Top certification terms

A+ certification

Top chat terms

A chimp laughing at a laptop.

Top color terms

Examples of colors

Top crypto terms

Illustration: cryptocurrency.

Top database terms

MySQL logo

Top disc terms

Compact disc, or CD

Top electronics terms

Vacuum tubes

Top e-mail terms

A digital envelope representing an e-mail alert.

Top floppy terms

Floppy diskette

Top game terms

Logitech Freedom Joystick

Top hardware terms

CPU or computer processor

Top hard drive terms

Drobo storage unit.

Top HTML terms

HTML and associated languages.

Top Internet terms

A laptop downloading from the Internet.

Top keyboard terms

Scroll lock

Top measurement terms

Computer Bit and Byte

Top memory terms

How different types of computer storage interact with one another.

Top modem terms

External computer modem

Top motherboard terms

CMOS battery

Top mouse terms

Computer Mouse

Top network terms

Ring topology

Top operating system terms

Windows logo

Top power terms

Capacitors on a motherboard.

Top printer terms

Pen plotter machine

Top processor terms

FinFET Device Schematic

Top programming terms

Programming code

Top scanner terms

Flatbed scanner

Top security terms

A laptop displaying a computer virus.

Top SEO terms

HTML and associated languages.

Top computer slang

A five-Euro note being pulled out of a wallet.

Top software terms

Computer file

Top sound terms

HyperX Cloud headset with microphone

Top spreadsheet terms

Formula in Microsoft Excel

Top tape drive terms

Film reel

Top typography terms

Various text cases.

Top video card terms

HDMI cable

Top word processor terms

Google Docs logo