How do I get letters with accent marks in Microsoft Word?

Accent marksFor users who have keyboards with letters without accent marks accent marks must be entered as a symbol to enter a symbol in Microsoft word follow the steps below.

  1. Open Microsoft Word.
  2. Click "Insert"
  3. Click "Symbol"
  4. Select the letter in the symbol list with the accent mark you want to use and click the "Insert" button. Note: Make sure that the font is selected on "Normal text" unless you are planning to use an accent from a different font.

Use keyboard shortcuts

In addition to following the above steps Microsoft Word users can also use the below shortcuts to add accent marks to their letters. For example, the first "À" character you'd press the ctrl key + the ` key and then press Shift and A to create a capital A with the accent mark.

Key Shortcut Key Shortcut
À Ctrl+`, Shift+A à Ctrl+`, a
Á Ctrl+', Shift+A á Ctrl+', a
à Ctrl+~, Shift+A ã Ctrl+~, a
Ä Ctrl+:, Shift+A ä Ctrl+:, a
È Ctrl+`, Shift+E è Ctrl+`, e
É Ctrl+', Shift+E é Ctrl+', e
Ë Ctrl+:, Shift+E ë Ctrl+:, e
Ì Ctrl+`, Shift+I ì Ctrl+`, i
Í Ctrl+', Shift+I í Ctrl+', i
Ï Ctrl+:, Shift+I ï Ctrl+:, i
Ñ Ctrl+~, Shift+N ñ Ctrl+~, n
Ò Ctrl+`, Shift+O ò Ctrl+`, o
Ó Ctrl+', Shift+O ó Ctrl+', o
Ö Ctrl+:, Shift+O ö Ctrl+:, o
Ù Ctrl+`, Shift+U ù Ctrl+`, u
Ú Ctrl+', Shift+U ú Ctrl+', u
Ü Ctrl+:, Shift+U ü Ctrl+:, u

Use third-party program

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