1. First developed by Larry Tesler, copy and paste or copy is the act of duplicating text, data, files, or disks, producing two or more of the same file or segments of data. Copying a file to an alternate location, such as a USB jump drive, is a common procedure for backing up or sharing a file.

How to copy text

Copya. Highlight the text you want to copy. For example, you could highlight a word, one line, a paragraph, or all of the text in the document.

b. Once highlighted click Edit from the top file menu in the program and then click Copy


Right-click the selected text and select copy.


Highlight the text and use the shortcut key Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Insert.

c. Once the above steps have been completed, the text is moved into a temporary area known as the clipboard. You can then paste the text any number of times into other documents until something else is stored in the clipboard.

Note: You must highlight or select something before it can be copied.

Practice copying text

CopyUsing the two text fields below, try copying (Ctrl + C) the text in the first box and pasting (Ctrl + V) into the second. If done correctly, you should see "Example copy text" in both of them as shown in the animated picture.

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2.Copy is also used in the command line to copy a file from one directory to another.

  • See the copy command page for further information about the MS-DOS and Windows command line copy command.
  • See the Linux and Unix cp command page for further information about this command.

Also see: Clipboard, Copy con, Ctrl+C, Cut, Move, Paste