Numeric keypad

Alternatively referred to as the number pad, numeric keyboard, or numpad, the numeric keypad is a 17-key keypad usually found on the far right side of a typical IBM 101 / 2-key keyboard. To enable and disable the numeric keypad press the num lock key. Below is a visual example of the Saitek keyboard and where the keypad is located on almost every computer keyboard.

Computer keyboard keypad

The U.S. numeric keypad contains the below keys (going from top left to bottom right).

  1. Num Lock
  2. Forward slash (divide)
  3. Star (times)
  4. dash (minus)
  5. numeric 7, also used as the home key
  6. numeric 8, also used as the up arrow key
  7. numeric 9, also used as the page down key
  8. plus (add)
  9. numeric 4, also used as the left arrow key
  10. numeric 5
  11. numeric 6, also used as the right arrow key
  12. numeric 1, also used as the end key
  13. numeric 2, also used as the down arrow key
  14. numeric 3, also used as the page down key
  15. enter key
  16. numeric 0 key, also used as insert
  17. period, also used as a delete key.

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