1. In general, delete or remove refers to removing a file, text, or other object from the computer hard drive or other media. Files deleted in Microsoft Windows are sent to the Recycling Bin, with other operating systems it may be called the Trash. With most computers, including Windows, when files are deleted they are only marked as deleted, but will still exist on the hard drive until they are overwritten by other data. This is what makes data recovery sometimes possible when a file has been deleted.

2. A command that is used to delete or remove data or files. Below is a listing of different methods of deleting a file.

Delete key3. DEL is also a common abbreviation for delete and is a description of a keyboard key commonly used when describing shortcut keys. For example, ALT + CTRL + DEL indicates press the alt, control, and delete key all at once. The picture is an example of the delete key found on an Apple computer.

Also see: Backspace, Bit bucket, Clear, Control keys, Discard, Erase, Expunge, Kill, Mdelete, Negate, Purge, Terminate, Uninstall