Num Lock

Computer keyboard num lock LEDShort for numeric lock or number lock, the Num Lock key is located on the top left corner of the numeric keypad of the keyboard and enables and disables the numeric pad. Turning the Num Lock on allows you to use the numbers on the keypad and turning the Num Lock off will enable the keys other functions such as using the keypad as an arrow pad. In the picture to the right, the blue LED indicates that the Num Lock is enabled on this keyboard.

Below is a chart with additional information about what each key does when Num Lock is enabled and disabled. For example, as can be seen in the below chart the "0" key when Num Lock is enabled will enter a "0" when pressed and a period when not enabled.

Key Num lock enabled Num lock disabled
0 0 Ins
1 1 End
2 2 Down arrow
3 3 PgDn
4 4 Left arrow
5 5 Nothing
6 6 Right arrow
7 7 Home
8 8 Up arrow
9 9 PgUp
. . Del

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