How to disable comments on your YouTube video

Updated: 09/30/2020 by Computer Hope

Comments on a video are a great way to compliment the creator or offer constructive criticism. However, many people on the Internet are intentionally rude or out to cause problems. To keep this at bay, consider turning off the comments on a particular video.

Disable comments on a YouTube video

  1. Log in to your YouTube channel.
  2. Click your channel icon at the top-right of the screen.

YouTube channel icon

  1. Click Your channel.

YouTube your channel

  1. Select a video that you want to disable comments.
  2. Under the header of the video, below the video screen, click the EDIT VIDEO button.

YouTube edit video

  1. Under Video Details, click More options.

YouTube more options

  1. Scroll down. Under Comments and ratings, click the down arrow to the right of Comment visibility, and select Disable comments.

YouTube disable comments