How to upload a video to YouTube

Updated: 02/01/2021 by Computer Hope
YouTube logo

YouTube has a staggering number of videos to watch, including anything from how to fix your dryer to the latest gadget reviews. It can also be a great place to upload your videos for others to watch. To do so, follow the steps below.


You cannot upload videos to YouTube without an account. If you don't have one, see: How to start a YouTube channel.

How to upload your videos to YouTube

  1. Access the YouTube website and click YouTube sign in button in the upper-right corner (if you're not already signed in to your YouTube account).
  2. Click the Create icon in the upper-right corner of the screen.

YouTube Create icon

  1. In the prompt that appears, you are given the option to drag-and-drop your video, or click Select Files to choose it manually.

YouTube upload box

  1. Once your video uploads, there are three steps to follow. The first has you choose a title, description, and thumbnail (optional). Also, you need to indicate whether or not your video is appropriate for children to comply with the COPPA guidelines. When you're done, click the Next button button.
  2. The following screen lets you set up cards at the end of your video.
  3. The final screen lets you choose privacy settings, or schedule a time for the video to post.

Privacy settings for a YouTube video upload.

  1. Once you're done, click the YouTube upload publish button button in the bottom-right corner.