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cdp definition

CDP is an acronym used to represent the following phrases:

1. Introduced on June 22, 2006 by BitTorrent Inc., Cache Discovery Protocol is an extension to the BitTorrent protocol that supports local caching of data by network peers. Cache Discovery Protocol is often used by Internet service providers that want to minimize the burden of BitTorrent traffic on their network.

2. A Certificate in Data Processing is a certification for IT professionals that requires a written examination. The Certification in Data Processing was first issued in the early 1960s. At the outset, it was administered by the DPMA (Data Processing Management Association). Later, certification was performed by the ICCP (Institute for Certification of Computing Professionals).

3. Columbia Data Products is a security software company founded in 1976 with the intention of manufacturing clones of the IBM PC. In 1980, Columbia Data Products manufactured Z80-based PCs called the Commander 900 series which featured multiple processors. They were unable to produce a product that achieved the success of the Commander 900s, however, and in 1987, they shifted to producing software rather than hardware.

4. Founded in 1986, Composers Desktop Project is an international cooperative based in the United Kingdom that creates professional audio processing software. Over the years, they've produced many DSP-based sound transformation tools for the Windows and OS X operating systems. In 2014, the majority of their software was open sourced and licensed under the LGPL; it is now available for Linux.

5. CDP (Continuous data protection), also known as continuous backup or real-time backup, is the data protection method of automatically, immediately backing up all data written to disk.

6. A CDP (content delivery platform) is a SaaS (Software as a Service) that uses embedded software to deliver the contents of a website or web app. A Content Delivery Platform uses JavaScript, AJAX, or Flash widgets to deliver content to the web browser.

7. A CDP (content discovery platform) is a software interface that recommends content to a user based on metadata such as search terms and previously viewed content. It can deliver personalized content recommendations on websites, mobile devices, or set-top boxes. A classic example of a content discovery platform is the user interface of the TiVo set-top box, which can recommend TV shows based on your previous viewing choices.

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