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Document may refer to any of the following:

1. A document or document file describes an electronic copy or hard copy of reference material for a product. To write and create an electronic document on a computer, use a word processor or other text editor. Once a document is created, it can be made into a hard copy by printing it.

Various doc file formats

2. With a file extension, a document is a readable file. Computers running Microsoft operating systems, for example, commonly store document files in a .DOC, .DOCX, and .RTF file. These files are commonly only composed of text, but in some cases, may also include graphics.

Examples of document files

There are multiple types of document files. Listed below are the various types of documents and the associated file extensions.

Download an example document

Click the following link to download an example of a Microsoft Word document (.doc file).

Download example.doc

3. On the Internet or in the Cloud, a web document is a document that is only stored online. For example, when creating a document in Google Docs each of your documents are considered a web document.

4. With early versions of Windows, when referring to the Windows Documents, this is a section of Windows where the most recently run programs are displayed. With Windows 98, the most recent Documents can be accessed by clicking Start and then clicking Documents.


Documents should not be confused with My Documents (Documents in new versions of Windows).

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