Microsoft Word

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Reference Questions
Office Microsoft Office suite links and help.
Shortcuts Microsoft Word keyboard shortcuts
CH000299 How do I change the text line spacing?
CH000505 How to download a document file.
CH000527 What are the Windows files with tildes?
CH000564 How to disable Microsoft Word AutoCorrect feature.
CH000565 How to enable/disable Microsoft Word AutoFormat feature.
CH000638 Changing the security level in Microsoft Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, and Word.
CH000645 How do I double space in Microsoft Word?
CH000657 How do I get letters with accent marks in Microsoft word?
CH000657 How do I create a bulleted and numbered list in Microsoft Word?
CH000691 How can I view a Microsoft Word document from MS-DOS?
CH000740 How to insert an image into a text file or document.
CH000748 Password protecting Microsoft Word and Excel documents.
CH000753 How can I prevent the Office task pane from automatically opening?
CH000761 How do I create a barcode in Microsoft Word?
CH000762 How can I enable, disable, or add text to Microsoft Word AutoText?
CH000763 Remove the clipboard toolbar feature from Microsoft Office 2000 programs.
CH000768 How to spell check a document.
CH000829 How do I change the font color, size, or type in Word?
CH000831 How to remove a misspelled word from spell check.
CH000840 How do you remove the extra symbols in Microsoft Word?
CH000856 How to display a page number on a document.
CH000886 How to insert symbols or special characters in a word processor.
CH000940 What is the file?
CH001017 How can I open a Microsoft .wps or Works file in Word?
CH001018 Opening a Word 2007 or .docx file with older versions of Word.
CH001033 How to align text in Microsoft Word, Writer, and Google Docs
CH001084 How do I insert an en dash or em dash in Microsoft Word?
CH001169 Open Word, Excel, PowerPoint files without Microsoft Office.
CH001221 Where can I get a free word processor?
CH001288 Change how often AutoRecover saves information in Microsoft Word.
CH001290 Change between uppercase and lowercase text in Microsoft Word.
CH001304 How to insert a page break in Microsoft Word and OO Writer.
CH001305 How to delete a page break in Microsoft Word and OO Writer.
CH001321 Create a horizontal line in Microsoft Word and OO Writer.
CH001351 How to adjust the indents in Microsoft Word.
CH001352 How to enable and disable the Ruler in Microsoft Word.
CH001354 How to mail merge and print labels in Microsoft Word.
CH001375 How do I set margins in Word, Writer, or other program?
CH001376 How to merge or combine multiple files.
CH001614 How do I change default font and font size in Microsoft Word?
CH001634 How do I view the HTML source code in Microsoft Word?
CH001680 How to create a page border in Microsoft Word.
CH001681 How to create a border around a paragraph or other text in Word.
CH001682 How to add, select, and modify the header in Microsoft Word.
CH001683 How to add, select, and modify the footer in Microsoft Word.
CH001684 How to insert the time and date in Microsoft Word.
CH001686 How to add and customize a table in Microsoft Word.
CH001702 How to create a multilevel list in a word processor.
CH001729 How to create a document.
CH001739 How to create a new line not a paragraph in Microsoft Word.
CH001752 How to open Microsoft Word documents in Linux.
CH001794 How to enable and disable the Insert key in Microsoft Word.
CH001823 How to add Word Art in Microsoft Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.
CH001831 How to insert a hyperlink in Microsoft Word.
CH001833 How to open and view a document in Microsoft Word.
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