Updated: 06/02/2020 by Computer Hope
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Developed in 2002, LinkedIn is a social media platform for professional networking. A user's LinkedIn profile can list their skills, work experience, education, licenses and certifications, with other occupational qualification factors. Users can attach resumes and portfolio projects, and create posts to celebrate milestones to be visible in the timelines of other users. In 2016, Microsoft acquired LinkedIn.

LinkedIn contains a three-level hierarchy of connectivity between users. First degree connections being current or past coworkers, and second-degree connections being mutual contacts connected to their first degree connections. Once connected, users can contact each other through private messaging or public posts.

To access LinkedIn, visit the website or use the mobile app for Android and iOS. Basic LinkedIn services are free, but a paid plan, called LinkedIn Premium, allows users to access additional features for recruiting employees and finding users outside of their connections.

LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning is a collection of virtual training courses provided by LinkedIn. For a monthly subscription, this e-learning platform provides interactive video-based lessons on industry-standard software and business practices. Once these courses are completed, you can take a test to verify your knowledge and display the results on your LinkedIn profile for other users to see.

LinkedIn Learning was created and modeled after, a service offering similar online training videos, which was purchased by LinkedIn in 2016. The courses featured on were re-branded and integrated into the LinkedIn Learning platform in 2017.

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