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LT may refer to any of the following:

1. LT is short for less than.

Process of problem solving with an algorithm.

2. Short for Logic Theorist, LT was a computer program written in the mid-1950s by Allen Newell, Cliff Shaw, and Herbert Simon. Largely considered to be the first AI (artificial intelligence) program, Logic Theorist was used to prove mathematical theorems. One of its notable achievements was proving 38 out of the first 52 theorems in the second chapter of Principia Mathematica; it even shortened some proofs.

The Logic Theorist worked by representing mathematical problems as logic statements, which it then attempted to prove using a set of predefined rules. It utilized a heuristic search algorithm to locate possible proof paths, aiming to find the most efficient way to demonstrate a theorem was solvable.

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3. Sometimes shortened to LT, LanguageTool is an open-source program used to correct writing that supports multiple languages. It has tools for spell checking, grammar fixes, and styling corrections. LanguageTool can provide suggestions for improvement on any written text, from e-mails and speeches to essays and shopping lists. LT is available as a desktop application and browser extension and is also integrated into various text editors.

4. As a company, LT is short for Linear Technology, a semiconductor company founded in 1981 by Robert H. Swanson, Jr. and Robert C. Dobkin. The company was later purchased by Analog Devices in July 2016 for $14.8 billion dollars.

5. The Internet domain suffix .lt is short for Lithuania.

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