Best websites to set and use as your homepage

Updated: 04/12/2021 by Computer Hope
set igoogle as home page

Changing your homepage to a website or web page you enjoy or find useful lets you find what you want on the Internet faster each time you open your browser. Below are some popular sites used as homepages on people's browsers.


Once you decide on what homepage to use, see: How to change a browser's homepage.

Google or another search engine


Google is a popular website and search engine on the Internet. However, all modern browsers have an omnibox or search box built into them. So, instead of using a search engine as your homepage, consider one of the alternatives mentioned below and use your browser's search utility instead.


Other search engines like, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo!, are good alternatives that include news, weather, stocks, and other options to make the search page feel more like a portal.

Websites:,,, and

Social network site

YouTube logo

Social network and media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube can also be set as your homepage. If you're the only user on your computer and frequently visit a social network, use it as your homepage to keep up-to-date with friends.

Websites:,,, and

Gmail or another online e-mail service

E-mail accounts are a commonly used service on the Internet. You can quickly get through all your e-mail by setting Gmail, Outlook, or another online e-mail service as your homepage.

Websites: and

Sports site

If you enjoy watching sports and reading about your favorites sports team or player, set your homepage to a sports site. ESPN is a popular site providing scores and news about all the major sports, teams, and players.


If you prefer one specific sport, like baseball, basketball, football, hockey, or Nascar, set your homepage to a site that caters to that sport.


For statistical analysis or sports journalism, set your homepage to sites such as FiveThirtyEight Sports, The Ringer Sports, or Sports Illustrated.



Reddit logo

Reddit is another fantastic choice for your homepage as it brings you popular stories on the subjects you're most interested. If you frequently visit Reddit, setting it as your homepage lets you view new content or posts straight away.


Favorite news site

The latest U.S. and global news is available from many websites, with popular sites being CNN, Fox News, New York Times, The Washington Post, and Wall Street Journal. However, if you have a favorite news site you frequently visit, having it as your homepage can keep you up-to-date with the latest news each time you open your browser.


Alternatively, having a site like Google News as your homepage can give you the latest news and best headlines from multiple sources simultaneously.


Popular e-commerce sites

Online shopping is popular globally and many people purchase about anything through their browser. Setting your homepage to a popular e-commerce website like, eBay, Etsy, or Temu can get you shopping quickly.


Educational sites

Whether you want your kids to learn more or you are interested in gaining new skills, online educational sites like Coursera, Khan Academy, Quizlet, and Udemy are a great homepage choice. Some educational sites offer online instructor-led courses and others provide eLearning courses, allowing you to learn at your own pace.


Custom homepage and bookmark sites

Many websites allow you to customize a homepage or view popular bookmarks. Below are a few of these websites with a brief description of each.

  • Protopage - Very similar to the old iGoogle site, Protopage lets you add and remove widgets from a custom page, with links to pages and news stories that interest you.
  • Kadaza - A clean and straightforward site that lets you have quick access to all your favorite pages.
  • 444Websites - A great site for quickly getting an overview of popular pages on the Internet.