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Clear may refer to any of the following:


1. Clear describes the process of removing all text or images from a section of the screen. When working with text, a user may use the backspace or delete key on their keyboard to clear any text. Users trying to clear all the information on their screen at a command prompt may use the "cls" command in MS-DOS or "clear" command in Linux and Unix.

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2. When referring to a button or key on a keyboard, the clear key is a key found on Apple computers with numeric pads. It clears input like the C button does on a calculator. Other keyboards may replace the delete or Del key with a clear button that performs the same functions as a delete key.

3. Some users may use "clear" in place of "delete" when describing the process of removing a file or another object from the computer. In this context, it is better to use the word "delete" instead. For example, when removing files from a computer, you are "deleting files" not "clearing files." See our delete page for further information and related links to this term.

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