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Find may refer to any of the following:

find Ctrl f

1. Find describes locating a specified text, file, document, or other objects on a computer, in a file, or on the Internet. For example, you can press the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+F now to open a find window and search for any text on this page. In Microsoft Word, you can press Ctrl+F to find specific text in a document.


In Internet browsers like Chrome and Firefox. Pressing the forward slash (/) opens find.


On Apple computers, use Command+F to open a find.

Generally speaking, to look for text in a current document, it is called "find." However, if you want to look for text in multiple documents or pages, it is called a "search" instead of find.

What can I find?

Using the find option, you can find any letters, numbers, or other characters in a document, web page, or file. If the search feature supports regular expressions, you could use regular expressions to find a pattern or condition of text. For example, you could search for all files starting with the letter "C."

What is the find symbol?

Software programs and keyboard keys may have a magnifying glass representing the find feature. For example, a program may have a magnifying glass icon that, when clicked, opens find.


The magnifying glass icon may also represent the search feature.

find command

2. In a command line such as MS-DOS, Linux, or Unix, find is a command to help find information. See the command pages below for your operating system.

  • See the find command page for MS-DOS and Windows command line commands.
  • Information on the Linux command is available on our Linux find command page.

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