Updated: 01/24/2018 by Computer Hope

A mount may refer to any of the following:

mount1.To mount a storage device is to make its filesystem available for use by the computer's operating system. For instance, in Microsoft Windows, every mounted filesystem is assigned a unique drive letter.

2. When a blank disc is placed into a computer before that disc can be used the computer must mount the disc. Mounting a disc is like formatting a floppy disk or hard drive before it can be used.

3. With an Apple Macintosh, mounting is used to describe when a disc is placed into a machine.

4. When referring to hardware, a mount may also refer to a mechanism that helps hold a device, such as a hard drive, in a computer. See the anti-vibration mount definition for further information about this term.

5. Mount may refer to a group of files in a file system accessible to a user or group of users.

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