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Print may refer to any of the following:

Computer inkjet printer

1. To print is a computer transferring data to a computer printer and generating a hard copy (printed copy) of the electronic data being printed. For example, you may create a résumé in a word processor and then print copies of it to send to different jobs.


Press the keyboard shortcut key Ctrl+P to print the currently open page or document in almost any program.

2. In many programming languages, print is a function that sends text, variables, or another object to the screen. If you're more familiar with the programming language Scratch, print is equivalent to say. Below is an example of "Hello World!" getting print to the screen in Perl.

print "Hello World!";

The syntax of how the print function works may vary depending on the programming language. For example, below is how to print "Hello World!" in Python.

print ("Hello World!")

In the C programming language, the print function is known as printf.

3. MS-DOS and Windows command line command. See the print command page for additional information about this command.

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