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A store may refer to any of the following:

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1. As a verb, store or storing is saving information for later use. With computers, you store information on a storage device, such as an internal hard drive, optical disc drive, or an external storage device.

In the case of a magnetic storage medium, information is stored by polarizing sections of magnetic disk platters to represent the binary values 1 and 0.

For solid-state storage devices (which have no moving parts), binary data is stored as a persistent electric charge. If the charge is lost without a flow of electricity, the storage is volatile memory (such as a RAM (random-access memory) chip). If the charge persists even when power is turned off, the storage is called non-volatile memory (such as an SSD) (solid-state drive).

The computer's OS (operating system) is responsible for storing data on your computer. When you save data on a computer, the operating system stores it in units called files in an organizational structure called a file system.

2. With a location, a store is a place where something can be purchased. For example, a computer store sells computers, software, and hardware. An online store is where you can do online shopping.

3. An app store is a marketplace on the Internet where you can purchase apps for your desktop computer or mobile device.

4. The Internet domain suffix .store is for United States domain for retail business sites.

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