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A store may refer to any of the following:

store1. A Store is a term used to describe the process of saving information for later use, whether that be to a disk drive, such as a hard drive or a floppy disk drive, or an external storage device. In the case of a disk drive, all information is stored using magnets that polarize sections of the disk platters. This process changes each section to a positive or negative to represent ON (1) and OFF (0) (binary) that make up all computer information.

Tip: To store a file that has been created on the computer you would save the file to one of the drives or areas you have access to on the computer.

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2. When referring to a location, a store is a place where something can be purchased. For example, a computer store sells computers, software, and hardware.

3. A store may also refer to the Windows Store.

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