Fernando Corbató

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Fernando Corbato

Name: Fernando (Corby) José Corbató

Born: July 1, 1926, in Oakland, California USA

Computer-related contributions

  • American computer scientist, notable as a pioneer in the development of time-sharing operating systems.
  • His second project, Multics, was not a commercial success, but led directly to Ken Thompson's development of Unix. Multics is considered to have been the model for the design of nearly every significant operating system which followed.

Significant publications

  • The Compatible Time-Sharing System: A Programmer's Guide (1963).
  • The First Seven Years (1972).
  • On Building Systems That Will Fail (Turing Award Lecture, 1991).

Honors and awards

  • Turing Award (1990).
  • Awarded the Fellow Award by the Computer History Museum in California (2012).


"The number of lines of code a programmer can write in a fixed period of time is the same independent of the language used."
(Corbató's Law)