Haskell Curry

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Haskell Curry

Name: Haskell Brooks Curry

Born: September 12, 1900, in Millis, Massachusetts, USA

Death: September 1, 1982 (Age: 81)

Computer-related contributions

  • Mathematical logician whose research in the foundations of mathematics led to his development of combinatory logic.
  • His findings have had important applications in computer science and heavily influenced the design of modern programming languages.
  • Discovered the Y combinator mathematical function.
  • Three programming languages are named after him: Haskell, Brooks, and Curry.

Significant publications

  • Combinatory Logic Volume II (1972).
  • Foundations of Mathematical Logic (1963).
  • Combinatory Logic Volume I (1958).
  • Leçons de Logique Algébrique (1952, in French).
  • Outlines of a Formalist Philosophy of Mathematics (1951).
  • A Theory of Formal Deducability (1950).
  • Grundlagen der Kombinatorischen Logik (1930, in German).

Honors and awards

  • Chosen as the second Evan Hugh research professor at Penn State University, which is the university's highest honor.


"Mathematical logic has much the same relation to the analysis and criticism of thought as geometry does to the science of space."

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