Computer History - 1950

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Major computer events in 1950

The United States Government receives the UNIVAC 1101 or ERA 1101. This computer is considered to be the first computer that was capable of storing and running a program from memory.


Other computer events in 1950

The first electronic computer is created in Japan by Hideo Yamachito.

Konrad Zuse completes and sells the Z4 on July 12, 1950, becoming the first commercial computer.

Alan Turing publishes his paper Computing Machinery and Intelligence in October. This paper helps create the Turing Test.

The NICAD battery begins its commercial use.

Computer pioneers born in 1950

Wayne PicketteWayne Pickette is born April 21, 1950

Murali Chemuturi is born June 28, 1950

Arianna Huffington is born July 15, 1950

Richard Branson is born July 18, 1950

Ken Kutaragi is born August 2, 1950

Jon Hall is born August 7, 1950

Steve Wozniak is born August 11, 1950

Paul Otellini is born October 12, 1950

Mitchell Kapor is born November 1, 1950

Bjarne Stroustrup is born December 30, 1950

Andy Bryant is born in 1950

Bertrand Meyer is born in 1950

Dave Boggs is born in 1950

Dennis Hayes is born in 1950

Douglas Lenat is born in 1950

John Walker is born in 1950

Steve Bristow is born in 1950

Computer pioneer deaths in 1950

Leslie ComrieLeslie Comrie passes away December 11, 1950 (Age: 57)

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