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07/15/2016How to delete a partition in Windows.
07/15/2016How to view which programs are installed on a computer
07/15/2016How to open a new command prompt window using cmd
07/15/2016How to open a PDF file in Linux
07/15/2016How to remove a pinned website or program in Windows
07/13/2016How to delete a Google+ profile.
07/13/2016How to delete a Google account.
07/13/2016How to delete all files except files of a certain file extension
07/13/2016How to delete a message or conversation from facebook.
07/13/2016How to turn off fast startup or hybrid sleep in Windows.
07/13/2016How do I reset Adobe Flash Player settings?
07/13/2016How to remove unused icons from the Windows desktop
06/02/2016How to show or hide desktop shortcut icons.
05/29/2016How to create an audio file.
05/29/2016How to move a window.
05/29/2016How are computers used?
05/29/2016How to rotate an image or picture in OpenOffice Writer
05/29/2016How can I tell when Windows was installed on a computer
05/29/2016How to open the Windows My Documents or Documents folder
05/29/2016How to show the Documents in Windows 10 Start Menu